About Our Databases

Digital Commerce 360 Database Memberships

About Our Database Memberships

For over 20 years, thousands of retailers, investors, technology providers and more have trusted Digital Commerce 360 data to get the most accurate view of the current ecommerce market—and where it’s headed. No other company has tracked retailers more thoroughly and we’re proud to offer access to this exceptional data, directly to you.

We offer 9 unique ecommerce databases that provide a single access point to a collection of raw sales and performance data on leading online retailers headquartered around the world. Each year, our researchers and journalists collect and compile hundreds of data metrics on these retailers through a variety of methods, including interviews, surveys, emails, research and public documents.

Each of our core databases is available in two membership plans, which allow you to customize your access to sales figures, download functions and user licenses.

North American Databases

  • Top 500
    Leading 500 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
  • Top 1000
    Leading 1,000 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
  • Next 1000
    Mid-sized online retailers, ranked 1,001-2,000 by annual web sales
  • North American Retailer Starter Kit
    Unranked list of the leading 2,000 online retailers headquartered in North America

International Databases

  • Online Marketplaces
    Top 100 global online marketplaces, ranked by annual third-party GMV
  • Europe
    Europe’s leading 500 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
  • Asia
    Asia’s leading 300 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
  • Latin America
    Latin America’s leading 300 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
  • International Starter Kit
    Unranked list of the leading 1,100 online retailers headquartered in Europe, Asia and Latin America

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Database Plans

Our ecommerce databases are designed to offer flexibility in both pricing and accessibility. Access to our data ranges from limited sales metrics to the most advanced and customizable performance and executive data we possess.  


Our databases include sales ranges, company profiles, and information on business performance and traffic. These memberships are read-only, single-user that provide affordable access to advanced insights on ecommerce retailers.  


The Pro plan gives your business the greatest flexibility and highest level of data we possess. This multi-user access plan includes exclusive data export capabilities and advanced data metrics like exact sales figures, historical sales, sales broken out by regions, conversion rates, and average order values.


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How We Collect Data

Our expert research team takes a journalistic approach to collecting data from both public and private companies.  Through our mutual trust and reliable communication with retailers, there is no other company that collects data on retailers to the extent that we do.

We track hundreds of metrics on thousands of online retail sites around the world, including key data points like web sales, conversion rate and average ticket, and frequently conduct surveys to keep the data current.

But we do not sell our data. We sell access to the data we’ve collected which supports every other aspect of our business, including: daily reporting, special reports, and custom research.



Can I download the information in the database for use in my own reporting?

Download features and functions are available inside our PRO levels only.

I’m a marketer looking for a list of contacts for the Top 500/1000 retailers. Do your databases include an up-to-date list of contacts?

Our databases are meant to provide our customers with a view of a retailers ecommerce business, and do not provide contacts.   

Where do you source your sales data from, and how do I know that it’s accurate?

Digital Commerce 360 collects the majority of the data in our databases through a variety of methods including surveys, emails, interviews, research, and public documents. We have multiple touch points throughout the year with retailers to collect different data metrics.

I’m a journalist covering business in the US, can I use the information from this database in my reporting?

Please submit the specifics of what you would like to cite, who will be seeing the information, and any other details.

I want to use the information in your database for a report that will be distributed publicly. Is this allowed?

No, our data cannot be used in any reports that are for public use including marketing materials, websites, blogs, research papers, industry reports, etc.

Is the information in the database up to date? How often is it updated?

Our databases have one major update each year which occurs between April and June for most of our products.  The first few months of each year our research team is researching financials from the previous year for over 5,000 retailers.  Throughout the year we provide updates on individual metrics that need adjustments.

I’m interested in the US data you provide, but my company is global. Do you provide reports on companies and markets based outside the US?

Yes we cover research and data from a global perspective including Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

I’m only interested in a specific industry. Can I filter out retailers/products I’m not interested in?

The database includes filtering and sorting features and functions to help you target specific retailers, parent companies, ecommerce service and technology vendors, and merchant and vendor categories.

Does the database include sales information by geographic area? For example, can I compare online sales in different US states or cities?

In the Pro levels of membership, we estimate sales based on different regions of the world but we do not get down to state or city levels in our financials.

Does the database allow me to compare online sales with offline sales?

In the Pro levels of membership, we have both Annual Web Sales and Annual Total Sales for the Top 500 and Top 1000 databases only.  All other databases currently only have Annual Web Sales.

Can I customize the reports without downloading the data?

Yes you can sort, filter, and save your reports for easy referencing.

I’m interested in the companies ranked 501-1000. Is there a way to gain access to this data, and not all 1000?

No, our current database options for North America are Top 500, Top 1000, and Next 1000.

I’m interested in Canadian and/or Mexican retailers.  Which database would cover these retailers?

Retailers headquartered in Canada and Mexico would be found in the North American databases – specifically the Top 500 or Top 1000.

If I subscribe to the Top 500/1000 Database, can I get a discounted rate on the Premium Membership?

Please contact one of our team members for special bundled pricing.